AGE 18
DOB April 21
SPECIES Umberon-Flareon hybrid


Axel is probably the most mellow person in his family. Between Reba's snappy attitude, Berry's eccentricity, and his mother's... you know, he definitely considers themself the most tame out of all of them. It didn't save him from getting screamed at and disowned, though.
He got the good grades. He stayed out of trouble. He did all the right things. And now that he's a mafia leader with a water magician in his head, Axel is just so, so bitter. What did they do wrong? Why can't he just live a normal life with a normal family with a normal job and normal fucking friends?
Nobody actually knows that Axel feels like this. He covers it up by being all stoic, and they're not sure how much longer he can keep up the masquerade.


Berry was conceived accidentally. Xer mother divorced her husband soon after. Xer mother's next boyfriend helped to raise xem for a couple years, before xer mother cheated on him and had Axel. A few years later, the mother and her original husband got back together and had Reba. Then their mother married someone else she met at a club. The coming-and-going father figures mildly fucked the siblings up. Their mother drank often, and frequently abused the siblings, verbally, physically, and mentally. Took a toll on them. Axel developed some ... less than healthy coping mechanisms. Let's just say not all of his scars are emotional! Reba avoided her mother like the plague, which only made her angrier. Berry simply bottled xemself up. Xer only comfort was reading absolutely horrendous fanfiction. Reba ran away on her 13th birthday. After that, Berry snapped, smashing a vase and talking some sense into xer mother, outing xemself and Axel in the process, and ultimately getting them disowned. They went off to find Reba, to no success. After a few months of living on the streets, someone reported them to CPS. After being tossed around in foster care for a year, a gay couple adopted them. They still don't know where Reba is. At least, Berry doesn't...
Several months after adoption, Axel and Berry were sent to high school. It was nothing like their old one, but after everything that happened, something as simple as a school switch was a nice breath of fresh air. Axel was, however, instantly the target for bullying. Berry defended him against things like getting beaten up, but there was nothing xe could do when Axel was getting called slurs. Axel always tried to shrug it off, but he never really could. One day, he went fishing with one of his fathers. He was still uneasy about Reba's disappearance. It was only a year ago, so it was still so, so fresh in his mind. His arms tried to reel in a big fish, but his mind was elsewhere. Naturally, this led to Skinny Bitch Axel falling into the water.
When he woke up, he was not safe at his house. Or drenched in the boat. No, he was still in the water... and he could breathe just fine. The water seemed to part just for him.
Axel wandered around aimlessly, believing he was about to die, when someone tapped his shoulder.
She was glorious. Her long dress navigated the water with ease. The long hair barely slowed them down.
"Hi, Axel," He smiled. "You've never seen me before, but I've been watching you since the days when you flinched at the scent of booze." Axel's eyes widened. "You can call me Saccharide."
As straight as it sounds, Axel fell in love instantly. Saccharide showed up more often. Axel was hooked, as if they were a drug. Saccharide took advantage of this!
Axel was getting used for like sex and stuff which is mad weird since they have a 7 year age gap... and Axel was barely back in highschool. And Saccharide kinda started manipulating Axel and it got so bad to the point where Axel would do anything for Saccharide at the drop of a hat, so Saccharide asked Axel to get in a pool with them. You know... the water magician asking her little slave to get in the fucking water! What could go wrong! It's not like this is how Axel fell in love with Saccharide so viciously on their first encounter! So, Axel did. Which is how Saccharide got into Axel's impressionable little head and became the source of every and all intrusive thoughts that came by his mind. Saccharide thought it would be funny to make Axel do bad things. Crime. Hit people. Yell at Berry. Anything. She made him start a mafia.
It grew drastically, and the money was just pouring and pouring in. Axel didn't know what to do with all this, so he found an old, abandoned building and completely renovated it. All while pretending to be a normal highschooler who is definitely not getting tormented by a water witch.
Which all led to him finding Reba, half-frozen, in a random Capwich casino.




  • Axel's design used to lean into more green tones, so that's alright.
  • His fur-hair is sort of like an Afro. Just not that big.
  • Please don't forget the heart on their jeans in the first outfit!
  • Axel's rings and paws glow in the dark.


  • Axel is very, very overprotective of people close to him. His sister, Reba gets extremely pissed off by this.
  • Axel buys up the strangest things for the mafia headquarters. He isn't sure what to do with all this income... but they know it won't be taxes.
  • Axel is extremely closed off about his interests. You'll need to really be spying on him before you see them take a picture.
  • Axel is transmasculine. You would think being a crime boss would be a dangerous situation, huh?


  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Coffee
  • Purple


  • Berry
  • Lettuce
  • Washington DC
  • Fast casual restaurants




Reba is Axel's younger sister. Their relationship gets a little clouded from the trauma of their alcoholic mother, but otherwise, they're thick as thieves.


sibling; enemy

Berry is Axel's elder sibling. As Axel is a mafia leader and Berry a cop, you can infer how things get complicated.



Technically, Anne is actually Axel's employee, seeing as she's one of the mafia's star hitmen and all. That doesn't stop them from being good friends.