GENDER Unlabeled
AGE 20
DOB November 24
SPECIES Espeon-Flareon hybrid


Carefree, slightly childish Berry. Admittedly, those aren't exactly the qualities of a good police officer - especially not one at the ripe old age of 20 - but xe lives in the US. Anyone can be a police officer there.
You know when Berry isn't carefree and childish? When xe sees xer siblings. When Berry first recieved the news that they went behind xer back to run a mafia, xe damn near threw up. How could they do that to xem?
Otherwise, you can see Berry smiling all throughout funerals. If not for xer general wackiness, xe's extremely upbeat. Even if Kyle from work sends xem death threats. Berry prefers not to think about xer past. So what if xe had to watch xer siblings get abused? So what if xe got disowned? And so what if xe lived on the streets for a year!?
Xe and Axel found a home and that's what matters.
Berry found that the best way to cope with Reba still being missing is pretending she never existed at all. Xe got rid of any and all reminders of Reba.
That was, until xe applied to the police force.
Xe wished Axel would've told xem why he just stood there, in utter dismay, when xe told him.
Because everything went downhill when Berry found out Axel and Reba ran a mafia.
This led to Berry chasing Axel out of the house, with their fathers following swiftly behind.
This only further ingrained a lesson Berry learned years ago; Parents never stick around for long.


Berry was conceived accidentally. Xer mother divorced her husband soon after. Xer mother's next boyfriend helped to raise xem for a couple years, before xer mother cheated on him and had Axel. A few years later, the mother and her original husband got back together and had Reba. Then their mother married someone else she met at a club. The coming-and-going father figures mildly fucked the siblings up. Their mother drank often, and frequently abused the siblings, verbally, physically, and mentally. Took a toll on them. Even Berry, who never even got hit. Axel developed some ... less than healthy coping mechanisms. Let's just say not all of his scars are emotional! Reba avoided her mother like the plague, which only made her angrier. Berry simply bottled xemself up. Xer only comfort was reading absolutely horrendous fanfiction. Reba ran away on her 13th birthday. After that, Berry snapped, smashing a vase and talking some sense into xer mother, outing xemself and Axel in the process, and ultimately getting them disowned.
Berry got a little bored in xer senior year of college. Xe wasn't sure what xe was even gonna do with xer cultural studies degree. So, xe looked up job openings in the area.
Everything looked super fucking boring. But Berry did remember a friend of xers complaining about the lack of non-racist police in the area.
"The US is pretty lax about what kinda cops there are," Berry thought. "Huh. Why not?"
So, Berry sent in an application. Xe didn't actually expect them to let xem join, but soon enough, Berry was enrolled in police academy.
Six grueling months later, Berry graduated, and was officially a cop. Axel was absolutely dumbfounded. Berry certainly had xer eyebrows raised when Axel froze up whenever police were mentioned, but xe didn't care to question it.
That was, until the third month as a police officer. Xe wasn't "the new guy" anymore, by this point. Berry was tasked to investigate various gangs, one fateful day. There was one that caught xer eye. "The Scorpions." The known members included, but were not limited to:

Axel Martin Winter
Allison Summer

Berry spit xer coffee out. Axel. Martin. Winter. That's Axel. Like xer brother. Running a gang. A mafia. Xe could not believe it. He was still in school, too! How?! Why..? When Berry got home that day, xe immediately lunged at Axel. Xe went absolutely feral, and chased Axel out of the house with bared teeth.
Xer fathers sprinted after Axel, only for them to never return a year later.
At some point, the house was signed off to Berry. Berry literally owns the house now. The lonely, middle class, three bedroom house.




  • Always make sure Berry's left ear is half-gone.
  • Berry's eye color may take on more of a bluish hue.
  • The spots on Berry's legs with the bandages must always be covered.
  • Yes, Berry's eyes do open. I just never draw them open.


  • Berry is a police officer. Xe isn't racist, don't worry.
  • Berry flinches every time xe sees someone with grapefruit-pink fur.
  • Berry is an avid player of rhythm games.
  • Berry likes to tell people xer half-missing ear was from a bear attack. It's actually just a birth defect.


  • Keyboards (the instrument)
  • Cheese
  • Pins and stickers
  • Vocaloid




sister; enemy

Reba is Berry's youngest sister. After Reba ran away, Berry tried to pretend she didn't exist. But it was quite difficult for xem to do that after xe found out she ran a mafia with Axel.


brother; enemy

Axel is Berry's younger brother. As Axel is a mafia leader and Berry a cop, you can infer how things get complicated.



Athena and Berry are co-workers. Despite that, they've grown to be accquainted over the year of Berry's career.