ORIENTATION Panromantic Asexual
AGE 23
DOB November 1


Despite her past public image, Marianne's life isn't as glorious as her appearance. From being raised in a group home, to the downfall of her boxing career after a positive drug test, to her current employment as a mafia hitwoman, she's certainly had her share of hardship. But what is glorious is how adamant she is in being as much as a positive influence on others and herself as she can. Even if it does include being bossy and insisting she be fully in control of everything at all times.


If you told Marianne she was lucky, she would probably punch you. And she's correct!
She was a triplet. One of them's a bartender, one's dead, and one's Marianne.
Abandoned at birth, Marianne was left to mostly fend for herself in a group home with other orphans.
The staff didn't feed her or the other kids all that much, which often led to fights for food.
She grew tired of getting her share of food yanked away from her and feeling her ribs so defined under her skin.
Marianne started dumpster-diving. Taking random sandwiches tossed on the bench. Anything.
There was actually a food bank nearby. Marianne still beats herself up about her stupidity today.
Anyways, one day, a man tried to mug her. She thought it was kind of stupid, considering she's never had more than $20 on her at one time - and even that was a stretch.
Regardless, she kicked him in the nuts and ran away.
It felt great. It felt so refreshing to be in control!
That night, she slammed her fists into the other kids' faces, and got to eat her share of food for the first time in a long, long while.
Marianne grew to love fighting. That's why, when she saw an ad for free boxing training, she didn't hesitate to sprint straight to the address.
She rose to fame. She was a star. She was the most well known light welterweight in Russia.
Everything was great. However, one of the more severe disadvantages of being in the public eye...

Is that everyone knows what you've done wrong, too.

Marianne had a positive drug test on one of the most important matches of her career.
She took the first plane to wherever. She could never show her face in Russia again.
Turns out that plane was to the US. Out of all the places.
After 3 months of lying around her cheap apartment, Marianne realized she couldn't stand giving up fighting.
She looked towards other ways to beat people up.
Eventually, she stumbled upon an ad.
"HITMAN WANTED! $700 per kill - don't worry, we'll be a frequent client. Not limited to guys either."
Well, it was something! Marianne took the job.
She was not expecting the people who hired her to be two teenagers running a mafia, but she takes what she can get.




  • Think of the tufts of hair Marianne has like ponytails instead of her hair actually being sectioned like that.
  • If you'd like to give Marianne a different outfit, I ask that they remain purple/pink. Or neutral tones.
  • The pride pins on Marianne's bag are optional, but replace them with different pins if you decide to omit them. Pins are her guilty pleasure.
  • Despite being a Sylveon, Marianne does not possess any ribbons.


  • Marianne is related to Sydney. Of course, neither of them know that.
  • Marianne's actually kind of a drug addict. Professional boxer her would not be pleased about that...
  • Please ignore the ref; Marianne is the most disorganized person alive.


  • Boxing
  • Fighting in general
  • Pink and purple
  • Meat


  • Helplessness
  • The easy way out
  • Willful ignorance
  • People without integrity




Crab and Marianne are the East Coast Disasters' star hitmen, so it was only natural that they get along. Anne's the only person in the mafia that Crab has opened up to about not REALLY wanting to kill people - and Anne's the first person who understood.


employer, pal

Technically, Anne is actually Axel's employee, seeing as she's one of the mafia's star hitmen and all. That doesn't stop them from being good friends.


(former) friend

my mans fucking died 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀