Ah... don't you love the sweet, sweet scent of bodies dropping? No? Well, you don't have a choice. The large city of Capwich is a mostly-desolate land, save for the absurd rates of crime, complete lack of policing and government, the countless gangs and mafias, and the bravest of small business owners. You can't go five seconds without the sharp odor of decay or weed in your nose. Which makes the surrounding, more civilized neighbors of Capwich the primary victims for the inhabitants' misbehavior. In fact, the majority of Capwich residents live on the city borders for this very reason.
Frigid Blood is centered around the Winter siblings; namely, Reba, Axel, and Berry Winter. It mainly revolves around Reba and Axel's ownership of their very own mafia, and their rivalry with the opposing gang LAVENDER MARES, not to mention their police officer sibling Berry going after them at every chance. Other topics explored are trauma, family, and gore. Lots and lots of gore.

The chapters available are part of a second draft, so please excuse the... second-draftness.