Disclaimer: While I use this character to represent myself, its experiences are not nessecarily congruent to mine.


GENDER Agender
AGE 16
DOB December 24
SPECIES Espeon-Flareon hybrid


Most people know Jam as "the guy that melts and works at the pizza place." And they'd be right. But that's usually all anyone knows, since they really don't want to talk to someone that's going to ruin their white shirts whenever it gets anxious. They don't know that Jam lived in the realm of the infamous, malicious demigod until just being cast into the world one day by a scientist running on five cups of coffee.


Jamaica "Jam" Overbrook was born on December 24, XXXX to a couple living in Candyru — what Saccharide Fleuve named their very own personal realm, that she uses to kidnap people.
Life in Candyru is very different to the life you're likely accustomed to. Saccharide has turned it into a society of everyone they've kidnapped, which is currently about 200 people, give or take. Saccharide runs everything in this realm, too. Food? Saccharide's got it covered. Internet? Saccharide runs it. Privacy? No. The realm's also completely submerged in water, so the residents were given new bodies to accomodate the living conditions — which were the same bodies they had on Earth, but with gills and fins.
Jam was the first individual to be born within the realm, instead of being taken. Everyone told it how awful the place they were living was, but Jam didn't see anything wrong with it, and everyone thought it would be for the best of Jam just didn't know.
Meanwhile, back on Earth, a scientist by the name of Clover Caswell had taken an interest to the logistics of The Trio's personal realms. Sure, Beryl had given them to each member of The Trio and they were held up by pure magic, but that couldn't be all there was to it. Clover dedicated their career to finding out the truth behind all these unexplained "magical" phenomena.
And, one day, Jam woke up only to for there to be no water around it. It was on Earth. In a large tube in the lab of Clover Caswell.
It was so confused. And thirsty.
Clover didn't really expect the machine they built to work. But it did. And now they have a teenager that's never seen a microwave before on their hands.
As Clover wasn't sure how to explain that they had brought a child from another world to Earth and probably seperated them from a loving family to CPS, Clover just treated Jam like their very own child, and helped it grow accustomed to Earth as well as they could.
Jam still doesn't know what a microwave is, for the record.




  • D
  • There are no hard rules for Jam's hair; but it should usually be over only one side of its' face.
  • Jam's neck fluff should always be somewhat small.
  • Jam may also be portrayed as its' melted form. There will be a design for Jam in Candyru, but I have not made that yet.


  • Jam took up swimming after getting to Earth, just to have a piece of home with it.
  • It was also fascinated by paper and pen, and loves drawing and writing.
  • Clover Caswell's machine only worked because of impeccable timing; Saccharide was arguing with the other demigods, and their magic was becoming unstable.
  • After getting zapped to a different realm, the main reason Jam was stressed was actually because it was concerned about how its' parents would react to it being missing.


  • Bright colors
  • Pizza
  • Swimming
  • Writing


  • Conflict
  • Melting
  • Earthworms
  • Blood




Jam thinks that Clover is kind of goofy. They clearly care a lot about Jam's safety and well-being, but Jam suspects that that's mainly because it would look bad for Clover if their magical child were to be in danger. Jam actually isn't too bothered by this, though. It just finds it funny.



Jam met Mae while it was on a stroll in the woods. They hit it off, as they were both bubbly teenagers in less than ideal living situations. Jam often visits that forest to see her, even after deciding it didn't like the woods due to the abundance of snakes.



Everyone around Jam talks about how evil and vile Saccharide is, in Candyru and out. Jam kind of looks up to her, though. To have so many people booing you, and still running your very own society? That got him Jam's respect. Jam doesn't know how those people got to Candyru.