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Ever since getting out of that house, Reba's never had issues with getting what she wants — provided she doesn't want money, of course. Her fierce, snappy attitude unnerves the bulkiest of thugs. Not to mention how good she is with a handgun. She learned that she couldn't be vulnerable long ago, ever since her mother started...
Reba hasn't considered anyone close in years. But that's alright— she doesn't need that. Or, that's what Reba always tells herself.


Berry, Reba's eldest sibling, was conceived accidentally. Xer mother divorced her husband soon after. Xer mother's next boyfriend helped to raise xem for a couple years, before xer mother cheated on him and had Axel. A few years later, the mother and her original husband got back together and had Reba. Then their mother married someone else she met at a club. The coming-and-going father figures mildly fucked the siblings up. Their mother drank often, and frequently abused the siblings, verbally, physically, and mentally. Took a toll on them. Axel developed some ... less than healthy coping mechanisms. Let's just say not all of his scars are emotional! Reba avoided her mother like the plague, which only made her angrier. Berry simply bottled xemself up. Xer only comfort was reading absolutely horrendous fanfiction. Reba ran away on her 13th birthday. After that, Berry snapped, smashing a vase and talking some sense into xer mother, outing xemself and Axel in the process, and ultimately getting them disowned.
Upon running away, Reba dashed to a friend's house, only for their parent to not allow her to stay, in fear of the legal consequences. She got a fake birth certificate -- courtesy of the same friend's parent whom she manipulated -- and a fake ID soon after. According to her files, she's Allison Summer, 21 years old. Her demeanor changed drastically after getting away. She went from obedient and polite to her current ... indescribable self. Did I mention she got an ear pierced?
Anyways... after Reba got her forged ID, she got on the first bus to a place she didn't recognize. Snowstorm, Capwich. Matches the surname, eh?
She stumbled into a place named Hiver Café, where she met a lonely barista named October. October gave her the general rundown of what it was like to live in Snowstorm — expect to get flashed, don't carry too much money, always bring a gun, you get the gist. She was the one who gave Reba her first gun. October didn't tell her how to use it, which was probably the reason Reba had so many near-death experiences in her first few months as a Capwich resident. It's a wonder she's still alive.
Two years later, Reba was trying to fall asleep in the warehouse she usually crashed in for the night, when Berry pointed a gun to her head.
She panicked, and immediately shot Berry in the chest, knocking xem out. In her frenzy, she managed to call 911 and book it the fuck out of there. The following day, Reba got caught in the annual avalanche trying to get a meal. She fell into a casino, where none other than Axel found her. What are the chances..?
Reba didn't trust him at first, even if she did accept the invitation to his mafia, and did take a bedroom in his luxurious headquarters. She still tries to keep her distance. You never know, after all.