A banner that has four portraits of the same pastel blue furry character, with the text AINEOP on top of them. One is grinning, one looks confused, one is writing, and one is holding a box.









A card with a blue furry character waving. It says WELCOME and signs off with AINEOP.

Hi, I'm Ain. You're probably not too impressed with what I have going on here. But this is my website and I do not care what you think.
That being said, I apologize to any and all mobile users. I don't know how this site looks on mobile, and I'm too afraid to check.
I think most people are here because they "miss the old web" and "feel nostalgic." I'm just here because having a website sounded cool. In fact, I'm not even sure why I'm here. Not in the edgy way. I was just bored one day.
You know, I'm bored most days. There's nothing to do. I've seen enough. Not in the edgy way.

It is not that I am edgy.
I just feel rather odd.
Perhaps I used to be even.
And I was subtracted by an odd number.
-Comrade Moe

Song: It's Showtime! - Toby Fox