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hi red

THURSDAY JAN 25 2024 12:58 PM

been very hungry lately even though ive been eating the same stuff i always have. hope i stop looking like a stick that fell off a tree

FRIDAY JAN 19 2024 11:09 AM

ive been so inactive here i need to fix that

WEDNESDAY DEC 20 2023 8:46 PM

i should reaaaallly be more careful with what i put here

SATURDAY NOV 11 2023 10:38 PM


WEDNESDAY OCT 18 2023 5:14 PM

u ever start writing an entry about a Weird Friend Group Situation and u get dmed about it as ur typing

THURSDAY OCT 5 2023 9:17 PM

uggghhhhh whys resetting ur roblox pin so hard. fuck u and ur unclear instructions daisy

WEDNESDAY OCT 4 2023 4:18 PM

i was looking for some of my oc lore in me and my brothers dms but then i found an old conversation about our dad and it made. me so fucking mad. 'he's just trying to get your loving attention' how about i bash your face in with a hammer. he didnt ruin the name of a type of candy or math teachers for me for you to say hes just trying to get 'my loving attention' WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT EVEN MEANS. he didnt threaten to kick me out for having human emotions he didnt like or grab my ass or demand i kiss him on the lips for him to do something a normal father would do anyway for that spoiled fucking brat to say 'he's just trying to get your loving attention but ok' im going to break his glasses.

WEDNESDAY OCT 4 2023 12:44 PM

this site needs a massive fucking overhaul and i might just do it. anyways i may just be a butch lesbian. i like the Idea of dating a guy but...... i think if i cant tell any two guys apart that i dont like them after all. eh. until i figure that out completely ill just play it safe and call myself sapphic

WEDNESDAY SEP 20 2023 10:56 PM

i LOVE making comics. genuinely. its the best thing ive done for myself ever. ive tried writing and it was fun and ive tried drawing and it was also fun but combining them. THAT'S my preferred medium LETS FUCKING GO.

MONDAY SEP 18 2023 7:09 PM

i get so blissed out playing guitar that i dont notice that im holding the neck really uncomfortably until i drop my pick into my guitar and my left hand feels like its about to snap in half

TUESDAY SEP 5 2023 8:44 PM

i just saw a gravity falls lyric comic on tumblr that completely changed my life im now reevaluating my worldview how's your tuesday night going

WEDNESDAY AUG 18 2023 6:52 PM

did i miss my own site's anniversary

SATURDAY JUL 29 2023 11:27 AM

im aso silly :3

SUNDAY JUN 25 2023 9:41 PM

never mind i hate life (my leg hurts)

SUNDAY JUN 25 2023 3:03 PM

randomly threw up while biking today LMAO!!!!!! anyways i love life genuinely. i love conversations with kind strangers i love walking in the rain i love inside jokes and yummy food i love being alive.

THURSDAY JUN 22 2023 6:19 PM


THURSDAY JUN 1 2023 1:50 PM

happy pride month. i might name myself sometihng dumb asf like chipper. inspired by an inside joke w my brother. i also cant name myself august anymore cuz i just remembered my friend has an oc named that and itd be MAD WEIRD

FRIDAY MAY 13 2023 5:51 PM

just failed my eye exam LMAO

FRIDAY APR 21 2023 6:48 PM

woooh it's eid. fortunately the preacher didnt say 'brothers and sisters' so loudly that it felt like it was directed to me in particular this time. but aside from that. my mother called me 'kid' instead of 'daughter' to the cashier today while explaining my allergies. it was probably bc i have short hair and she didnt want any questions about me but HEY. A WIN IS A WIN. some less desirable news abut my short hair though. since it's eid im gonna be on call with my various relatives in indonesia. i feel like theyre gonna judge me for my hair. OH WELL. also i REALLY REALLY like the name august.

FRIDAY APR 7 2023 2:02 PM

i've been having Thoughts about my gender lately. like. i definitely am nonbinary. agender. whatever. but also maybe i'm a guy too??? whenever i think of passing i think "okay so how do i look like a guy." but he/him is just as Wrong as she/her for me. maybe i'm fuckin bigender? maybe ive internalized enbyphobia or something? can you be sapphic and transmasc at the same time? who KNOWS dude. who fucking KNOWS.
im also considering masc names like hal or august. but. im also perfectly fine with my legal name and my current online name. but what if. what if.

SUNDAY APR 2 2023 8:49 AM

why does my period keep appearing at the goofiest times. my brother's birthday, the day before my own birthday, april fucking fools...

TUESDAY MAR 28 2023 8:59 PM

dude i cant say a single thing in the gc without completely misreading the vibe and fucking up its UNREAL. how have these people put up with me for two years

SUNDAY MAR 26 2023 10:46 PM

me sitting down to finish that essay about julius ceasar or whatever: okay a week of procrastination is long enough!!! lets do the thing !!! *gets shaken by the unfathomable urge to draw some cool shiny objects*

TUESDAY MAR 7 2023 2:40 PM

why does my mom think everything i do is about her. why does my dad think everything i do is about him or my brother. why is my brother the only one i know irl that sees me as my own goddamn person. fshfghdgfg sorry for filling this page w rants but hey youre reading this of your own volition

MONDAY FEB 27 2023 11:21 AM

love how i only listen to one pop song/album every time i feel horrendous and awful. like the song the light is coming anf the album igor are literally ruined for me theyre now forever linked to feeling terrible and spiraling dawg

FRIDAY FEB 24 2023 11:14 AM

why cant i watch a fucking math course without wanting to cry

WEDNESDAY FEB 23 2023 2:34 AM

just completed all my six essays i had to do. it only took. one month. my ass is not gonna survive college bro

MONDAY FEB 19 2023 4:22 PM

i love being active i love being tired in the good way i love parks i love almost crashing into people wait a second

SUNDAY FEB 18 2023 4:51 PM

just did the most kickass thing my helicopter parented ass will ever get to do in my youth (i went to dollar tree)
i AM going to last a day in the real world!!!!!!

MONDAY FEB 13 2023 10:28 PM

a utdr art post of mine got nearly 130 notes. thats 130 more notes than i usually get

THURSDAY FEB 9 2023 3:51 PM

(7:32pm)vent i removed!!! lma!!!

WEDNESDAY FEB 8 2023 3:51 PM

"ooh you're such a dramatic drama queen!!! you're so ungrateful and unlikeable!!!!" okay mrs. i-think-locked-doors-are-a-personal-attack-on-me. for someone who's 46 you are so fucking immature

FRIDAY FEB 3 2023 4:27 PM

there were 2 vents today but i removed them as always LMAO!!!!!!!

THURSDAY FEB 2 2023 9:09 PM

me when i cant do anything academic thats more hands on than multiple choice questions because my dad punished me by making me study when i was like 7 because yeah that wont fester any negative association at all. im not going to last a day in the real world

SATURDAY JAN 21 2023 11:23 PM

might overhaul some of these pages. this site is so. uniform and boring. i gotta fix that!

FRIDAY JAN 20 2023 3:59 PM

thinking about taking up knitting

WEDNESDAY JAN 18 2023 3:51 PM

The human body is more fragile than we think. It is a wonder how we are not all deceased by now. ← scraped xer knee trying to bike and is sad about it

been absolutely fighting for my life the whole week

MONDAY JAN 16 2023 4:43 PM

i can ride a bike 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
and i joined in the gc's third ut conversation of the week without being weird about it like i always end up being when my current obsession is mentioned once 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

MONDAY JAN 16 2023 1:18 PM


SUNDAY JAN 15 2023 11:34 PM

me when the group chat is talking about undertale and i want to join in so bad but im worried i'll come off as overenthusiastic and annoying and also end up ranting about how misunderstood papyrus is. fighting for my life rn. absolutely writhing seething. i need to get this out of my system im gonna draw undertale fanart. i love utdr so much man. but like. everyones gonna find me so cringe!!!!!!!! man its not my fault i decided to finally play undertale at the start of goddamned fall!!!!!!!! when i am sad!!!!!! i love utdr!!!!!! i do not know where i was going with this!!!!!!!!!! i love utdr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUNDAY JAN 8 2023 1:28 PM

i tried to learn how to ride a bike today everyone was mocking me and i wanted to die about 10 minutes in slash half joking

TUESDAY JAN 3 2023 6:41 PM

im gonna fucking kill someone over these colroed pensilcls

WEDNESDAY DEC 28 2022 10:59 AM

switched to firefox today best decision of my life fr

TUESDAY DEC 27 2022 11:35 AM

algebra is kicking my balls so hard rn. like when will i ever need to Solve the following absolute value equation. huh.

SATURDAY DEC 24 2022 12:29 AM

im a year older. cant sleep

FRIDAY DEC 23 2022 6:51 PM

hello people that are not here. i just had the most wackass day ever. so its the day before my birthday right? my family's dragging me to get a cake at the place we usually get cakes every year. and i start my period a week early because my body is so homophobic. so we get on the train and its delayed because a bridge shit itself this morning so im like ok no big deal. so we go get the cake right. then we go back like two hours later and they still havent fixed it and now theres a fucking signal issue so my ass is just shivering on the platform for like half an hour (exaggeration) and then the train comes and then we're waiting for the bus and then it takes another half hour (exaggeration) and it was so fucking cold my ass was freezing you would not believe it. so homophobic of public transit today tbh :pensive:

TUESDAY DEC 20 2022 11:27 PM

god i had the funnest idea ever for a page here to make when it isnt 11:30 pm. so theres a comic i make at midnight that ive showed no one because its physically in my sketchbook. i was thinking of making a page thats just a wholeass tour of the characters in that's apartment. wouldnt that be funny

FRIDAY DEC 16 2022 10:03 PM

Can you believe it guys? My birthday, just eight days away. My birthday is in eight days! Woohoo! I am so happy about this information. My birthday! Just eight days away, oh wow. Can you believe it? My birthday! Just in eight days! It got here so fast! My birthday! Just eight days away!

WEDNESDAY DEC 14 2022 11:34 AM

this was a vent but i removed it a good 10 hours later

FRIDAY DEC 9 2022 8:16 PM

i feel so tired and also restless and generally weird. probably because i made myself draw animatic frames for five hours straight. i guess i should like. not do that

THURSDAY DEC 1 2022 10:15 AM

this post i made about christmas

FRIDAY NOV 25 2022 3:53 PM

DUDE these raccoons have got to stop destroying my ceiling in the middle of the night. THERE IS SAWDUST ON MY GUITAR CASE!!!!

TUESDAY NOV 22 2022 10:41 AM

ngl i wanna make a page for books that i like. escapology and virology (respectively) both by ren warom, once & future and the sword in the stars (respectively) by amy rose capetta and cori mccarthy. those duologies just scratch an itch in my brain man.

MONDAY NOV 21 2022 7:09 PM

STOP PUTTING I DESERVE TO BLEED BY SUSHI SOUCY IN CHARACTER PLAYLISTS! I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! MY FRIENDS ON TIKTOK PUT IT IN THEIR CHARACTER PLAYLISTS, ON YOUTUBE IT'S FUCKING I DESERVE TO BLEED! I was listening to a character playlist, right? and ALL OF THE SONGS were just I Deserve To Bleed. I-I showed my favorite character to my girlfriend and I explained all their lore and I said "hey babe, what if I put I Deserve To Bleed in their playlist" I fucking looked at the most happy character and said "WHAT IF I PUT I DESERVE TO BLEED IN THEIR PLAYLIST?"

SUNDAY NOV 13 2022 6:03 PM

i changed the whole layout woohoo

SUNDAY NOV 6 2022 9:27 AM

dawg i kinda forgot i had this

TUESDAY OCT 25 2022 9:18 PM

(1/16/23) this said something that my friend read aloud in call so i removed it because in retrospect it was way too goofy to put on a public journal. you know who you are. slash not mad slash lighthearted

SUNDAY OCT 9 2022 3:31 PM

feeling cute might try to make a whole ass rpg

SATURDAY OCT 1 2022 9:44 PM

its the halloween season. literally the one holiday i can stand.
like seriously. the christian ones are a no-go, i do not pay attention during the muslim ones, valentines day is just straight people awareness day, new years always goes horribly as of these past few years, but halloween? spooky? that's something i can get behind!

FRIDAY SEP 23 2022 7:49 PM

its officially fall as of yesterday which means its THERE ARE RACCOONS IN THE CEILING TRYING TO GET INTO MY ROOM SEASON. god. of course i get this room.

WEDNESDAY SEP 21 2022 9:56 AM

do you rememba

SUNDAY SEP 18 2022 5:17 PM

help i like undertale.... in 2022......

i always said i like the colder months more but these past few years i have had the most atrocious falls and winters in my life

THURSDAY SEP 15 2022 4:38 PM

im attempting to learn guitar again. for like the 5th time. its not like i knew how before i just gave up trying to learn!!! this time i found a free online course though so that might help. maybe.

TUESDAY SEP 13 2022 3:54 PM

i finished undertale..................................... in 2022...............
oh yeah finally got a desk in my room so now i dont have to do things in the middle of the living room while my parents are talking extremely loudly even though the apartment is so small you can hear anyone thats whispering. desk wobbles a bit but its a small price to pay for A Shred Of God Damn Privacy

FRIDAY SEP 9 2022 8:00 PM

if your drink needs 385 grams of sugar in order to taste good then maybe you should reconsider your drink

MONDAY SEP 5 2022 5:26 PM

i saw a dead patch of grass that looked exactly like texas on the way home

MONDAY AUG 29 2022 1:34 PM

There was no Lucky Star manga at the library.

SATURDAY AUG 27 2022 8:44 AM

bruh i thought i only felt super horrendous when i was PMSy

WEDNESDAY AUG 24 2022 11:00 AM

hypixel skyblock is actually pretty fun when i actually know what tf im doing

SATURDAY AUG 20 2022 3:50 PM

those periods sure can cramp

THURSDAY AUG 18 2022 5:13 PM

bro lucky star is so good???? i only found out about it because this one mf on tumblr reblogged an out of touch thursday thing or something and i was curious what the anime was because i thought that was the actual theme song so i googled it and found it. i dont know what it is about it,,,, it's just so appetizing. like the artstyle,,,,,,, the general carefree lack of plot!!!! i know its from a decade ago but DAMN. its so MEDIOCRE but in a ridiculously wonderful way. maybe its just my repressed desire to be a teenage girl with a reliable friend group that actually goes to school..... you know. i've been drawn to femininity ever since i realized i was nonbinary. you know? like now that im not confined to being feminine in the girl way now i really want to be feminine in the nonbinary way. do you get it? anyways shows never hold my attention for long but its just one season. i might binge it through my whole period.
maybe i could find the manga in my local library. again though. there are cons that come from liking a piece of media most popular 10 fuckin years ago.

WEDNESDAY AUG 17 2022 11:40 AM

winged pads would be the best if the wings worked