Marginalia Search

A search engine that has a lot of cool old websites!!


A Gonzo journalist I think is funny.

Vaporeon copypasta

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of

Diary Of A Wimpy Egg

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, trans edition.

Unix Time Stamp

Self explanatory.

LGBTQIA Books Masterlist

Like reading? Don't like having The Straights (trademark) shoved down your throat? This masterlist is for you!

Hidden Power Type Possibilities

For the Pokémon nerds.

Pronoun Dressing Room

For trying out new pronouns!

Feelings Wheel

Are you like me and can barely figure out exactly what you're feeling at any given time? This is pretty useful!!

Google Search Codes

A Tumblr post showcasing some very useful ways to more effectively Google things.

Minecraft : Summon Mob Generator

Making wacky mobs in Minecraft for people that have no idea how commands work. Like me.