Some Advice About Dishes

Is your family entirely composed of men with fragile masculinity? I'm kidding I'm kidding that's just what I needed this Tumblr post for when my mother got COVID.


Sex ed, because, let's be honest, unless you got extremely lucky (or don't live in the US,) school has probably failed you on this.

"Life skills"

A Tumblr post detailing a lot of safety and self-defense tips - intended for the feminine-presenting, but actually helpful for anyone in sketchy areas.


A subreddit that I don't even need to explain.

Rights When The Cops Pull You Over

Your rights during interactions with the police, because they do NOT tell you this shit. It's probably not a good idea to exercise these rights like this if you're a POC in the US, though, because if you annoy them you are 100% dead meat.

How To Grow The Fuck Up

A Tumblr post I reblogged which has everything about adulting you could ever need.

Coping 101

A masterpost of a lot of mental health resources.


No Chat Reports

A Minecraft mod that disables chat reports, if you really insist on playing 1.19.1+