One Romantic Date, Hold the Awkward!

A short and sweet visual novel where you get to date Papyrus.

Undertale AU Wiki

I don't understand any of it either, don't worry.

Cute, huh?

A Tumblr post that really looks into Papyrus's character. He jus like me fr


A Tumblr post detailing a lot of things about Undertale's Japanese localization.

Undertale dialogue dump

Probably nearly every single line of dialogue from the game.

hello my name ralsei

A shitpost video that I found so funny that it's in my "fandom trash" bookmarks folder.


Omori Original Soundtrack

A website where every song from Omori is available for download.

OMORI Save Files

A Google doc providing Omori save file downloads at every point of the game you could possibly need. All of them have a WTF value of 13.