Character Counter - Wordcounter.net

A simple, no-bullshit word counter. Straight to the point.

Skip Google For Research

A Tumblr post detailing a bunch of non-Google places to research things. You know why this is in the writing section.

200+ Other Words For Said

An article with more synonyms for said than you will need in your lifetime. (protip: usually, "said" is actually just fine. please don't actually use "researched" or "beseeched"-)

126 Rare Words With Beautiful Meanings

A bunch of really rare words. Good for things like unique character names.

Free Writing Critiques

A directory of websites and such where you recieve none other than writing criticism!!!

[get there]

A Twitter thread (blegh) sharing a valuable writing tip.

OneLook Thesaurus

An extremely life-saving thesaurus. If you can't remember the word for 'non-natural,' type that in and it'll tell you that it's 'artificial.' Fucking. Life-saving.

1100+ Creative Writing Prompts

Stuck? Write something for the first thing you see on here!!!

Draw Around The Egg

A Tumblr post giving a really important writing tip regarding a character in pain.

Show, Don't Tell

A Tumblr post that shows some examples of how exactly to "show, not tell."

Random Hobby Generator

Need a hobby for your character? Can't think of anything beyond drawing? This is for you bro!!